Latest News from SPACES in Contactless Parking Solutions
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News from SPACES

Parking Has Become A Touch-less Breeze With Spaces USA

Touchless Parking Technology

July 8, 2021- SPACES Co-Founder and industry veteran Jerry Skillett sat down with Dale Buss and Chief Executive to talk about SPACES’ answer to the post-pandemic demand for sanitary, flexible commuter parking.

Jerry Skillett of SPACES: “People always underestimate how difficult it’s going to be”

Jery Skillett

June 18, 2021- Jerry Skillett, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of SPACES, sits down with Paul Moss, CEO of Moss Corporation and contributor to Thrive Global, to talk about SPACES Contactless Parking Technology and the “Five Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Startup”.

How Technology has Changed the Parking Industry with Jerry Skillett

June 3, 2021- The parking industry has been evolving ever since its inception in New York City in the days of horse and carriages. In this episode, Adam Torres and Jerry Skillett, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder at SPACES, explore how SPACES is innovating with new technology while focusing on the customer experience.

Tech Company SPACES USA Looks To Make Parking Garages Contactless

December 29, 2020- Jerry Skillett, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of SPACES, sits down with Kristen Scholar on Cheddar’s Opening Bell to talk about how SPACES is meeting the latest needs in Contactless parking technology.

Meet The Disruptors: Jerry Skillett of SPACES USA On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

SPACES Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Jerry Skillett

October 5, 2020- Jerry Skillett, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of SPACES sits down with Tyler Gallagher to explain how SPACES is changing the parking industry for the insider and the customer. He also discusses the three things you need to shake up your industry.

No App for that? Mobile Parking Payments Vendor Asks to Scan a Credit Card Instead

SPACES Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Jerry Skillett

October 5, 2020- SPACES Co-Founder and Executive Chairman speaks with about how SPACES’ touchless technology makes paying for parking faster, easier, and safer.

Space Race: Investors and Developers Rethink Parking Garages Amid COVID

September 15, 2020- How is COVID-19 changing parking garages? SPACES USA and the Commercial Observer discuss the changes in driving and parking due to the coronavirus.

Contact-free parking makes its way to LA; no app needed

Touchless Parking Technology

September 16, 2020- Spaces co-founder and Executive Chairman Jerry Skillett joins sits down with Kevin Smith to discuss SPACES contactless parking technology.

Spaces USA growing contactless parking technology

Touchless Parking Technology

June 22, 2020 – Techstination talks with SPACES’ co-founder and Executive Chairman Jerry Skillett. Listen to their conversation to hear the latest advancements for contactless parking and payment solutions.

Coronavirus will lead to more driving to work in major cities

June 9, 2020- SPACES’ Jerry Skillett joins Ashley Webster of Fox Business to discuss driving and parking in a post-coronavirus society.