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SPACES is transforming how drivers consume parking and the way technology companies partner with the industry
by connecting the physical and digital environment through the latest in contactless parking solutions.

Our revolutionary contactless parking access and payment solution allows users to enter, pay and exit any parking facility from inside their vehicle using their smartphone. This proprietary technology suite functions seamlessly with any current or legacy parking equipment, and our solutions can be curated to serve any parking environment.

Contactless Parking and Payment Solutions


Revolutionary touch-free technology that enables drivers to enter, pay and exit a parking facility from their smartphone
Drivers simply call a unique phone number posted at the parking entrance to gain access instantly
Works on any gated or non-gated parking facility
No app download, pre-registrations or advance bookings
Compatible with any current or legacy parking equipment
SPACES Portal provides real-time information on all SPACESpassTM transactions


The SPACES Portal provides management tools and real-time information for all of our parking partners, including:


Payment Management




Contactless Parking Reporting Portal

How It Works

Contactless Parking Step 1 Dial to Park

Upon arriving at the garage, drivers can raise the gate by calling the unique phone number posted on each lane.

Contactless Parking Step 2 Enter your Credit Card Info

Once parked, drivers are sent a text message prompt to enter credit card payment information.

Contactless Parking Step 3 Dial the Number to Exit the Garage

Drivers dial the posted phone number again to exit the parking facility.

Who We Are

Responsibility Statement

We believe that each of us has the responsibility to invest in our youth. We strive to be examples of living in such a way that we leave everything in better condition than what we started with. This is so that the generations behind us can continue to enjoy our community and planet

Our Values


What we do is more than a job; we are a lightning rod for changing an industry. We inspire each other. We are leaders in our communities.


It’s always about the truth and the courage to live the truth. We treat others the way that we would want to be treated.

   Service Excellence

We walk it, talk it, think it, act it and go beyond what is expected.